Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eagle's Nest Camp Session IV, reflecting on what I heard

I’m one week removed from my ENC experience, summer 2012.  Eight days of awesome--called Session IV.  All five Linney’s were in attendance and for three of us it was our first summer.  George IV has logged four summers and now nestles into the fourth year green blanket that is sometimes tear-stained as he gets a bit leaky around the eyes in the return to what is a good life, but an altogether different environment as he prepares for the school year.  Cabin seven can have an awfully strong affect in a young boys’ life.

William (age 5) was a day camper without major incident.  Kathryn (age 7) was a librarian, and the nostalgia of watching a Waite/Kucera guide my daughter through her first week at 43 Hart Road was almost more than this old softy could bear.  My loving wife, Kristen, served tirelessly as a camp nurse.  I think all the Linney rookies did great and will hope to return for more turns of the medicine wheel.

In 2012 I spent my 13th summer spread over the last 26 years and found myself in a more watchful mode than ever—listening more than talking.  I was calmer than I had ever been before in all my years.  I enjoyed the mid-day and morning sounds more than ever and many of those ocular stimuli were from the natural world, and I seemed to be plowing against the grain of the human world.  I always brush up against this animal and plant rhythm at the Nest, but this season I was more in their rhythm and less with the homo sapiens.  I’m not sure I contributed as much as I could have, but I tried not to get in the way.  Eagle’s Nest has a rhythm to it by the first week of August and sometimes it seems more sacred to just watch and learn rather than impose too many crotchety old bear stories if that is what I have to offer around the place.  It’s not as if I feel as though I don’t fit in.  No, that’s really not the case.  I have many friends and colleagues collected at the Nest over the last few summers and many of those loved ones are 15-20 years my junior.  But somehow, they didn’t need me, and that did not feel isolating or lonely.  In fact, it made me feel quite good, like the new regime is in a flow that is caring for children peacefully, teaching how to eat together, to clean and paddle, to kick and dance, to mold and dye.  The crickets were pleased, I feel sure.

If you are considering a trip to the Nest to revisit the woods, the critters, and even those good old humans, make it the 85th Anniversary, September 21-23. Register today.
George Linney, III
Camper and Staff since ‘86

New Discipleship Group to begin Thursdays, 830pm, Chick-fil-a, Renaissance Parkway, Durham

The forums and ways in which we "talk" about sexuality are fascinating.  Chick-fil-a (and a media blitz, basically one corporate leaders opinion) becomes a false forum for real lives with real people.  As usual I didn't unleash all or much of any of what I think about sexuality based on the opinion of one overwhelmingly good and hospitable corporation.  It's cool if you want to stay away from their chicken.  I bet you won't, at least not for long.  If you try to categorize every organization by whether or not they fit into your moral box or not, you will soon become paralyzed by the effort and mostly just tired.  Make the decisions you want to make and live with them.  But I go on record as claiming that eating or not eating at Chick-fil-a is not the final word on sexuality.

I lead with this because timing is everything and I'd like to live outside of it for a moment, but probably won't pull that off.  Too bad.

For about two years, the Tobacco Trail Church has had two discipleship groups.  B3 (Boys Brueggers Bibles).  Meets Mondays 7am at Bruegger's at 1833 MLK in Durham.  All men are welcome.  We are currently reading and studying in John and typically have 5-8 men who invest in this weekly gathering.  Email for more information.

W3 (Women Wine and the Word).  Meets most Mondays at 7pm at Straw Valley Cafe at 5420 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.  Durham, NC 27707.  All women are welcome.  Contact Virginia Taylor at:

Now, a third group, Thursday Nights, 730pm at Chick-fil-a off Renaissance Parkway near 751.  We are considering reading and praying the following texts: Traveling Mercies, In His Steps, Seven Storey Mountain, The Meaning of Marriage, The Gospel of Luke, The Psalms.

Join us.  Help name us.

note--this group is now meeting on the last Sundays of the month at Bruegger's at 1833 MLK in Durham from 10-11:45am.  Read the books below and join us.

Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott (September 2012)
In His Steps by Charles Sheldon (October 2012)
The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton (November 2012)
The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller (December 2012)
Living Without Enemies by Sam Wells (January-February 2013)
Pilgrim by David Whyte (March-April 2013)

Switchfoot - The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eagle's Nest: 85th Anniversary

Eagle's Nest: 85th Anniversary

Our 85th Anniversary: "Growing Home"

Gathering Friends, Planting the Future

September 21-23, 2012