Sunday, August 23, 2015

It Was a Hot August Night -- Join the Party

It Was a Hot August Night
Nobody brings it like The Diamond (A Beautiful Noise, I Am I Said, and who can forget Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show)? Diamond seems irrelevant to young people and then they get older and find his genius. Sounds like the church sometimes.

"It Was a Hot August Night" is the opening to Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Song--a gospel influenced nod to Church Revivals. When Neil Diamond performs this song best, he becomes the very preacher, “Brother Love.” We will become the participants in a revival in our own unique way by riding, running, and walking to a special place of prayer on Sunday afternoon, August 30th. You really should try this special opportunity for recreation and faithfulness.

Once when Neil Diamond gathered at L.A.'s Greek Theater he wondered if his career might be over and if this gathering would be his farewell performance. Doesn't the life of a church plant always follow such a similar identity crisis? Diamond has gone on for another half century of performing and writing meaningful music. And so too, the church will go on--be it the Tobacco Trail Church or other church plants and other long-standing and historic churches.  But these ministries will look different than the ones that came before them.

Are you afraid? Or are you excited? Or, are you both?

Let's raise some money to help the Tobacco Trail Church meet ministry goals this fall. You can give before the event at the website – Let’s continue to ask the necessary questions to follow.

Friday, August 21, 2015

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Telling the Story

How many times have you shared it?
Tweaked it?
Changed your inflection?
Re-ordered the emphasis?

People are getting excited about the story you have to tell.
And it might be a new story.
Along the way, the vision is changing, growing, and that's okay.
It's no lie that it is not the same as what you first shared.

God is in the changes.
Don't fear. It needs a thread that runs through it all and that bit of string might be nothing more than you.

Your story, YOU, are not small to God.
In your humility and your courage, you are EVERYTHING to Jesus.