Sunday, September 28, 2014

Injuries Getting You Down

This picture features a dejected runner between mile 24 and 25 during the Boston Marathon on Patriot's Day only five months ago. I know the spot because I can make out the CITGO sign in the distance which means you are close to home.

The picture does not indicate that this runner felt close to home.

As the story goes, this young man, Dennis, had a strained hamstring and from what I can tell walked off the course without a finishing time.

This morning he broke the world record in the Marathon running under two hours and three minutes for the first time in history.

If you are injured, do not give up. Great successes may be just over the next hilltop, no further than the CITGO sign off in the distance.

I came upon this hill and this sign about 30 months ago, also dejected, and have not wanted to touch the marathon since. Perhaps I could be more tenacious. Dennis, you give me hope.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jager sets American record - in the 3,000 Meter Steeple and Reminds of Return to Eden

I am spending the day thinking of how great it is that we all return to Eden. It is a difficult return, tears drying out, and all the nations being reconciled to one another. It has been fraught with suffering these last 2,000 years, but someday the suffering will pass away.

I love seeing great Track & Field news to remind me of the return to Eden. Runners continue to amaze me with their achievements. This time it was in the 3,000 Meter Steeplechase. There is Evan Jager setting a new American record (8:04) in the Steeplechase and Jairus Birech breaks eight minutes for the first time all season by any runner. Somehow the fast running, hurdling, and wet shoes of steeplechase harriers reminds me that we will not suffer this life forever.

The Apoclaypse or Revelation, even sometimes known as Revelations, (but making it plural is false, but we always let it go, because it reminds us of some rural church we love), anyway, Revelation is a series of downers at times--Whore and the Beast, Fall of Babylon, Dragons, Bowls of God's Wrath, Dead Exiled for 1,000 years, 666. There is a lot of tough stuff in there. I avoided the entire book for about 15 years of my life. Seemed like it would only give me nightmares.

Then at the end, it speaks of a crystal clear river of life, no more tears, no more pain, leaves that symbolize healing, a curse lifted, and finally know more night as the path in the darkness will be illuminated by God's light.

You know that Birech and Jager suffered miserably all summer to get in shape for such great races. Tired recovery runs. Grueling speed workouts. Bumping some barriers that could have led to broken bones, even career ending injuries. And then in early September 2014 it all paid off and they raced fluidly, beautifully, and crossed the line with excellent results.

In a manner of speaking, they returned to Eden, back to the Garden and the Tree of Life where life is all balm. Are you going there? Are you willing to suffer to get there? Do you trust that the suffering now will be worth the peace then? When you see glimmers of the peace now, do you tell others about it?