Sunday, September 28, 2014

Injuries Getting You Down

This picture features a dejected runner between mile 24 and 25 during the Boston Marathon on Patriot's Day only five months ago. I know the spot because I can make out the CITGO sign in the distance which means you are close to home.

The picture does not indicate that this runner felt close to home.

As the story goes, this young man, Dennis, had a strained hamstring and from what I can tell walked off the course without a finishing time.

This morning he broke the world record in the Marathon running under two hours and three minutes for the first time in history.

If you are injured, do not give up. Great successes may be just over the next hilltop, no further than the CITGO sign off in the distance.

I came upon this hill and this sign about 30 months ago, also dejected, and have not wanted to touch the marathon since. Perhaps I could be more tenacious. Dennis, you give me hope.

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