Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'Fresh expressions’ of church in NC

'Fresh expressions’ of church in NC

Read about a great day exploring A Changing Church in a Changing World in article at the link above.

Below is a poem that expresses my view of realizing a Fresh Expression:


At the border
Just shy of the edge
Of here and there

we have come to a cross
and one of us must sit
and one of us must stand
contemplating the necessary posture
accepting that we must take the position we can and no other
not now
for now we can play but one part
in the drama

At the precipice
Between living now
And dying then
from one to the next is but a passing
through to a wonderful new world

The flap of light shimmers as it closes over her
Shelling her in like a pearl
Inside the oyster

she can see partially dimly barely
through to the source of the illumination
outside the protected hide

a kind of borderland
cloaked inside this tomb
but able to see out
to yearn for the other side
while dangerously safe and protected within

outside is everything
but here, close in
right next to her heart
is most of the work
the abundance
fecundity fertility fruit bearing possibility

but she must venture out to partner
and risk everything
everything held dear
crossing the border
stepping across the cliff
the ceiling must erupt

and then the opportunity
to revert to home