Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Run Free

Some grownups make a living jumping over barriers and running through water like hunting dogs. Isn't the world just great?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Take on Coaching

From 1,001 New Worshiping Communities on "Coaching"

A coach is not someone who will tell you what you should do. But a coach can come alongside you as you seek to discern the way forward in your context. A coach can provide you the margins to reflect and discern God's agenda for this ministry amidst the chaos and constant decision-making that is the nature of church planting.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Cover of Runner's World Magazine

I am trying to get on the cover of Runner's World Magazine.

1) Running is one of the odd contexts that God has provided for me to spread the good news. The cover of Runner's World is a new way for me to share what inspires me as a runner.

2) Our church has just turned five years old and is receiving a surge of new energy and support from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and now, what looks like a possible formal partnership with Presbyterians (PCUSA) and their 1,001 New Worshiping Communities initiative. These intersections have been both intentional and organic. In much the same way, running and the mission of the church have intersected intentionally and organically since the very birth of the Tobacco Trail Church (Pentecost 2010).

3) When the Tobacco Trail Church was in its' infancy, even still in the womb, I was a bike rider in the Race Across America. That story wove together Durham Cares, 16 local agencies, eight bike riders, a support team including another 15 volunteers all while raising more that $100,000 for Durham charities. Maybe a pastor/runner on the cover of Runner's World could raise money and/or awareness for the next initiative in God's project for the church.

4) I am about to turn 40 (June 18) and need all the help I can get meeting my summer running goals--personal bests for the distances of one mile and 800 meters. I am confident that God is forming me to be #olderandfaster. I could use some personal accountability so that I stay faithful. Will you encourage me?

You can vote for me to be on the cover of Runner's World at this Link. I hope you will set a daily reminder because you can vote every day from now until July 22nd. What might seem like a hassle, or have you thinking, "I don't know this runner guy," instead, think is this daily click as a prayer for a small church plant in central North Carolina. Call it a prayer for future Baptist and Presbyterian church plants and the exploration of this post-denominational season we seem to be entering. Call it a hope for the aging runner within each of us that we might all grow younger and more child-like in Christ who redeems us.