Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One last workout before Uwharrie

Weezyl and I hit the Ocho hard this afternoon. If you don't know what the Ocho is then we will show you sometime. It is a great course mapped out by a few of the Trailheads and it is approximately eight miles (hence the name Ocho and also a Dodgeball tribute as in ESPN Ocho). I've run the course a few times lately, and today was my last hard effort before the Uwharrie 20 in 12 days. Weez said it was his last workout too. I ran the course by myself very slowly once, and then met Weez at the start/finish at Unity Church.

We ran quickly in the cold rain. We took turns leading, and traded out the lead at opportune moments like the few times we hit fire roads. We are usually pretty chatty, but we kept our words to a minimum. We needed the extra oxygen flow for the selfishness of our lungs. We weren't in total oxygen debt, but we were never very far.

Here is a link to the technical aspects of the run as churned out and posted thanks to Weezyl's Garmin. Very cool. 2800 feet of elevation gain! That's pretty impressive for what I think of as a pretty flat track in Chapel Hill with an ounce of Carrboro.


I'm ready for the 20.
Weez is ready for the 40.
Uwharrie is the most fun we have all year.
Those ancient rocks nearly brings you to tears, no matter your preparation,
but it is so much fun you've just got to put it on the schedule for the first Saturday of every February from now until dust.
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