Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go Marathoners

I'm totally pumped up about running. All morning, reports have been coming in about terrific performances by friends at marathons all over the South.

My wife, Kristen, broke four hours (3:58) at Charlotte. She had a goal. She went out and knocked it out. Check.

Jason ran 2:47 at Kiawah. No surprise to me. He's a machine and showing signs of the old days which means fast running in 2010 coming out of Bull City Running Company. Hopefully, I can sneak into his slipstream and draft.

Brendan ran 3:07 at Kiawah. Sweet Boston qualifier.

Topo ran 2:59 at Huntsville, Alabama. What a great performance.

Tic ran 3:01. Disappointing, if I had to guess that it wasn't about 90 seconds faster, but it's still sub seven's and he's still going to run a sub three. Maybe he and I need to put a January race on the calendar and go knock it out.

Jordan hopped in the Charlotte Marathon, and what the heck, won it. 2:29. He's the new Karhu/Craft rep. and we went for a run last week. Great guy and I look forward to future runs in Charlotte or Durham.

Congrats to all who have endured the Trials of Miles, as Quentin Cassidy would say.
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