Sunday, December 5, 2010

A win is a win--FHP

One of my very best friends, David Tallon, finally won today in Statesville, North Carolina. I was not there. The last time we raced I came ahead of him, but he slipped. I knew it was not his best day in Charlotte. I had a pretty good day, gutsy, but sloppy that day in Charlotte. Still, I broke through from several 10th place finishes to a 2nd.

Jack was there today. They went 1st and 3rd. Hard to say where I would have finished. Jack seems like a much better rider than me. Every time we are training at Forest Hills I have a hard time hanging with him.

Maybe we can all race together in Winston-Salem. I am happy to be beaten by these guys. I like them a lot. I am learning a lot from them, about cycling, and life. It's all good.

Then there are the elder statesmen and women, Josh and Angelina. We are all, all of us, just good buddies. We are the Forest Hills Posse.
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