Friday, April 8, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

I ran my fastest Thirsty Thursday this morning. That's strange because it is Friday. Does that mean it is yesterday?

For one thing, I am rarely able to make it out to Carolina North on a Thursday so waiting for a chance to run with the normal Thursday crowd could have been far down the road on the calendar.

I was of the mind to try and run a fast fitness test. Probably not a good idea with the achy and snotty symptoms of a sinus infection, but I had an axe to grind since I am not running the Duke Invite 5K this evening. I will be pulling for my teammates, though, Alex Varner, Patrick Reaves, and Sarah Lee. I think they will all have great showings.

As for me, I scratched on Tuesday knowing I was not race ready with the coughing and spurting that was worsening with each day.

Still, this morning I decided, probably against my better judgment, to try for a quick time. I didn't have a date listed for my previous best Thirsty Thursday of 37:50, but based on my other notes I think it was 2008 or 2009. A while back and it was time to try for this one again.

I didn't feel good. Not at the start, not in the middle, not coming home. Yet, I ran 36:53. Not bad considering. I'm definitely a lot faster than I was a few years ago.

In a few weeks, I will try for a 36:30. Today and one more attempt are good yardsticks for how I might fair at Philosopher's Way on May 7.
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