Sunday, December 4, 2011

Club Nats--Seven Days to go

Next Saturday is as close to the World XC Championships as this age grouper is ever going to get.  Club Nats are fine for me and I hope I am racing with packs like these boys when I am at Jefferson Park Golf Course in Seattle, WA.  It's flat and likely fast, but effort is the same as if it were hilly, muddy, snowy, whatever.  10,000 meters can only be lost in the first kilometer.  Go out hard, but calm.  Then sit in for about the next 15-20 minutes at the pace dictated by the training that has or has not been done.  For me, that's 3:30 per kilometer, maybe 3:25, but no crazy low 3's.  I'll only pay for it later.

Round through the 6K mark and start the race.  Reel folks in, one by one, pack by pack, maybe even four at a time like the pack pictured above.  For all I know, the guy in the background, over the shoulder of the runner in the green and red, the harrier in blue shorts and white singlet, is mowing down this pack and when he pulls up on his teamate in the foreground, second in line, they are going to start moving up together picking off runners up ahead who are starting to move in quicksand.

Last weekend, I was that guy moving up late in the race and picking off runners.  Too often I'm the other guy.  Even if this tactic sequesters me to the back of the race early, I'm going with the same hunt from the back plan in Washington.  Patience, Patience, Patience.  
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