Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

It's Ash Wednesday and I have a cold.  Somehow it seems to fit.  Jesus starts his time in the desert, his long walk to the cross, and I fit a low grade fever, an achy body, and managing my sinuses.  My burden is far from his, but it reminds me to turn into Lent.  Let the disciplines that come today and in the next 40 days be somehow a part of Christ's journey to the Cross.

As I crested MLK early this morning about to turn right on Fayetteville and then right into Solite Park, my mind and heart were silent ready to observe Ash Wednesday and put ashes on my forehead and the foreheads of others.  Yet, there in the East the sun was coming up with all it's pinks, yellows, and oranges.  Resurrection, an Easter reminder, was what I took into my time at Solite Park.  I wanted to be solemn and thoughtful about sin, and I tried, but God had me hopeful.

Also, thankful for this article,0,1285521.story.

No matter whether a church purchases ashes or prepares them in house, it is good to participate in Ash Wednesday.  I am thankful that our ashes used today come from the labor within our community.  Palm fronds from this years' triumphal entry will be the ashes of next's years start to Lent.  A good way to tell time.
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