Monday, May 28, 2012

the Doughman

So the Doughman fostered it's typical super fun and hilarious atmosphere.  Some teams had great costumes.  Others were hellbent on winning (like us).  I hope we all had a great time and that Seeds benefited enormously from this very strange event which includes teams of four who eat, bike, eat, run, swim (actually a paddle in an inner-tube), eat, run, eat, run, eat and you're done.  It took us something like one hour, ten minutes to do that stuff and we were fortunate enough to take less time than the other teams.  Congrats to the Bull City Track Club team of David Tallon, George "Monk" Linney, Brendan Howell, and Duncan "Snawfus" Hoge.  Festivities continued at Dain's Place and apparently those who were able to make it had a dandy time toasting the win and the event.  We had fun and hope you did.

Brendan and I represented the remnants of our skeleton team known as the Suffern All-Stars.  We were happy to admit better fitness than either of the last two years when we were lucky enough to win in 2010 and unlucky enough to lose by a hair in in 2011.  We were joined by a solid cyclist in the form of Dave Tallon and the ever solid Duncan Hoge who can be seen in photo #69 crying for joy (second from right) in what was clearly the pinnacle moment of his extensive endurance career.

Thanks to all the Doughman organizers and volunteers who tirelessly organize this event and particularly Jason and Kim who provided the timing through Bull City Running Co. as this is a rather complex event with many moving pieces and no less than four splits to calculate per team.  That's a lot of stress on any chip technology.
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