Thursday, June 21, 2012

a poem

For Marriage
in Light of the Tree
Instead, think of yourselves as the land, and in particular this tree down below us, to the South.  

The tree is committed; where else would the roots and branches go?

Grounded, rooted, dependent on one another and the community that shapes you. 

The hospitality, the generosity that will be required of you toward the other is like the tree before you. 

See, with the mountain vista and the immaculate vineyard, one might miss the tree. 

She branches out and she’s thickly interwoven as limbs and branches, claiming the land, casting shadows.

He is subtle and understated, yet in a harsh storm, resilient and not easily uprooted. 

He doesn’t shy away from the tumult of the storm, knows the rains that come with the wind is her lifeblood. 

Without the rain he cannot survive, but she will make do with a drought.

He will search among the scarcity when the land has little to provide for months and months on end.

She stretches limbs to the heavens, while he dances a cadence giving thanks for the sun.

They will be bonded below the ground through intricate roots, as the tips of leaves extend eternally.
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