Thursday, January 3, 2013

Runnin' and Sippin' @5Points

Chapel Hill
Main and Morris
each pointing
to a dream
to bus stations and train stations
Mutual Life and Toast
even towards Whiskey
Chicken, Waffles, Bull McCabe's
All the players and their dreams

Two runners stride up Corcoran and right
on Main and straight on northwest til Brightleaf
then right at Watts

Later against the laws of Morris
But no matter for their not driving
and bank hard right on West Chapel Hill
to buses and the big ballpark

Still later, repeating steps on Main but now right on Morris and on toward the old diamond with its Field of Dreams

As the sun comes up and the mercury rises one reflects over joe and dreams on what this day may hold

The run and the coffee are as good as the day may get
and these are good enough
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