Sunday, January 11, 2015

from the poem--Coleman's Bed

stay in this place
     until the current of the story
          is strong enough
               to float you out

a line by David Whyte in the collection, River Flow

It may be that the current must be strong enough to float you out, but other times, like in this video (and I recommend turning the sound off and watching silently) the hydraulic and the eddy are very strong currents and keep the raft stuck in the same place and only when the raft slips into weaker currents, a more subtle flow, does the raft slip away, free to move downstream and onto the next season of the journey.

Are you pushing too hard? Against forces that are too much for you to bow up against?

Why not try simply relaxing and surfing for these moments and wait for the necessary strong or weak currents? Wait for the flow to float you out.
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