Saturday, January 28, 2012

Running is so fun

It has been an excellent week of training and I have not even begun my Boston build in earnest.  That starts tomorrow. On Tuesday I did this to my spikes with 25 power line hills in Woodcroft.  Sorry Saucony Shay's, yet that's what you were made for. On Thursday I easily completed 15 x 400m in 80 seconds each.  Last one was 72 seconds.  George IV accompanied me to the Duke track and set his personal best in the mile--7:33.
Today I will run my first ever indoor track meet at Liberty University.  200 meter flat track for 3000 meters.  15 laps for less than two miles.  Should be fun.  Looking forward to a quick Virginia trip with my son, George IV, and teammates, Patrick and Alex.
Tomorrow begins a 10 week training program for the Boston Marathon on 4/16/12.  Each date refers to the week's end and each number in K's refers to the distance goal for the week.
1.     2/4 115K
2.     2/11 125K
3.     2/18 135K
4.     2/25 145K
5.     3/3 160K
6.     3/10 170K
7.     3/17 120K (3/18 is Wrightsville Half Marathon—goal 1:15)
8.     3/24 140K
9.     3/31 155K
10.    4/7 170-175K I think it is going to be a great Winter turning to Spring.  The church is thriving, ready to hear promises, covenants, commitments.  Lent is a long journey from February 22-April 8, yet I am in a resurrection mood and plan to carry it on til summer.
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