Friday, March 5, 2010

What's Calling You Now?

My alma mater, Furman University is offering a retreat for alumni over a long weekend at the end of July 2010. Looks like a great opportunity and I wanted an excuse to post this beautiful picture.

We should all be asking the question daily, what is calling me now? Seems like such a big question, but it can start rather simply. What song is tugging at your for a click on your iPod? Where do you get your news? Whom do you count among your friends? Your enemies? Start small and God will pull you into the bigger vocational, familial, geographical sorts of directions.

Someone from the Midwest was complaining that Durham's roads are the worst he'd ever seen. No road leads to where he thought it would or should. It's all twisty and windy around here. Our city planners don't seem to get the concept of "grid." I like that it takes a lot of time here to learn one's way. It takes patience and humility. One needs some time on task before knowing where to go and how to get to the destination. There is rarely one way to get there. How are you being called to get where you are going?
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