Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wisdom of Stability

My friend, Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove, has written a new book and it is about being grounded. We went to seminary together and I learned as much from him as I did from my greatest professors at Duke. I can't wait to read it, but I already know some of how it will work. It will lack glamour and glitz. It will be about investing in the small plot where you currently reside. It will be about taking that sense of restlessness that so many of us have, so many of us should have, and not running away from it, but turning it towards something simple that is right at arm's reach. Here is a great article about Jonathan and the book and a way to get a copy.

N&O Article

How to Purchase

I turned over our compost pile with the help of my two year old this morning. I took a picture yesterday of five blue bird eggs that grow in our backyard. I felt stable. Simple things like these make me hesitate to leave Durham, North Carolina. All one has to do is get in the car or get off a plane to be able to imagine greener pastures, but more of us belong where we are.

I imagine a church someday that I will pastor, where regularly I look out at the faces of squirminess and restlessness and I will say, "Did you know, that God has you right where you belong, right now. You are not supposed to be any other place than right here. Rest and Rejoice."
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