Thursday, June 10, 2010

18 charities

I'm getting ready to RAAM--Race Across AMerica. I am packing my last few things that did not make it on the motor home last weekend. Top among the list is one of my three race kits. It's an amazing kit, and I am scanning the
jersey and thinking how I need to know more about each of these 18 charities. So I emailed myself the "In a Nutshell" blurbs of each of the 18 charities listed below.

Durham Cares Partners

* A Helping Hand
* Achievement Academy
* Big Brothers Big Sisters
* Citizen Schools, Inc.
* Communities in Schools of Durham
* Crayons2Calculators
* Dress for Success
* Durham Eagles
* Durham Rescue Mission
* Durham YMCA
* Habitat for Humanity
* Housing for New Hope
* Kramden Institute
* Pregnancy Support Services
* Project Compassion
* Sales & Service Training Center
* Samaritan Health Center

One of my favorite logos is one I did not recognize: Housing for New Hope.

They provide a continuum of care for the most needy of Durham and Orange County citizens through outreach and crisis assistance, transitional housing, and permanent housing.

I've got a lot to do today, or it seems like I do. Saying goodbye to family, running a few errands, but it is good to make time for writing and reading about these charities. I like numbers and it seems fitting--I'm writing on a blog tagged 18 teeth and counting. I turn 35 in a few days, on June 18, a day where we might finish this bike ride or finish the day after. And there are 18 Durham charities that will benefit from this ride. I know a lot about a few of them. I know nothing about a few of them, and I will make it a goal to come to know all of them and their missions over the next ten days, but also in the coming months.

I like the idea of a bike ride from my house that tours the sites of each of these 18 charities. Later I will map out a ride to all of these locations. Will you join me for this ride?
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