Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RAAM Ready

It's early on Tuesday. Not sleeping too well, but that's normal before a big event. Thursday we fly to California and Saturday we start riding our bikes across America. My understanding is that our total crew will include 20 people. That is an overwhelming number of people for an RV, two mini-vans and an errand car. I know it is going to all workout, but it is tough to imagine a rhythm forming in a 16 hour cycle that includes 30 minutes of biking and 90 minutes off, then repeat four times. That summarizes the eight hours "on" and then eight hours "off" and then repeat that 16 hour cycle over a seven or eight day period. It's pretty daunting when I write it down.

Perhaps I am missing the point of this endeavor. Perhaps the task is to find rhythm in the nonsensical and complicated. Focus on the simple daily acts of prayer and reading. Enjoy the company of others and honor everyone's role in the trip. Focus on recovery and good nutrition. Finally, funnel all of the hard training on the bike and on foot this last year into each effort on the bike. Ride as hard and as fast as can so that God will be glorified by drawing attention to no less than 18 charities in the city of Durham. Be prepared for flexibility and to ride or not ride at a moments notice.

As part of my Road ID reminds me: Ride for Christ.

Below is a video from WRAL where Henry and Chip effectively convey our mission.
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