Wednesday, January 19, 2011


What saves from the Lion's mouth
Jaws that can break a neck with the ease of a yawn

the lamb's mouth is covered
his nose is snuffed out
slow choking
heart slows and then it stops
easy work under the tight clamp of the predator's jaw

For all the terror
the lion is first among the four in Revelation four
primary and primal
of the tribe of Judah
first even among the twelve

With a lamb in your mouth
seemingly gloating
the conquering hero
you are struck down
by a shepherd boy
carrying only a sling
the lamb escapes
for now

you and your friends are among Daniel
Why...what about your jaws?
Because Daniel trusted the Living God
Will that suffice?
Takes a great cup of faith

But you, Lion
A Beast
A Predator
Hungry for Blood
Fresh warm Blood

What if you were winged
as Daniel dreamt it?
then morphing erect
standing like a human
rising from the sea

You are the one who opens the Scroll
You, the Root of David

Inspired by Rev 4:7, 1 Sam 17:34, Dan 7:4, Dan 6:20, Rev 5:5 and the vision of lions both good and bad.
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