Sunday, January 30, 2011

Run-filled weekend

I ran 48 miles from Friday at 2:30pm until 9:00am on Sunday.
17 on Friday
14 on Saturday
17 on Sunday

Why? I had taken off Wednesday and Thursday with some funkiness in my nose and I'm glad I did. It seems to have cleared with some rest and rinsing. But I wanted to stick as best I could to my goal of 70 x 70. For 70 days beginning 1/11/11 I am attempting to run 70 minutes each day. Of course, by the letter of the law I blew it mid-week, but I was content to make up for the two lost days with heavy running Fri-Sun. I was 140 minutes short going into Friday and I managed to be +50min on Friday, +40 min on Saturday, and +60min on Sunday. I guess I made up for the deficit and even added 10 extra minutes.

Now if I can just stay consistent, I can ease back to just 70 minutes each day this week. Hopefully, these will feel like short runs after the bulky weekend!!!

Also, the weekend of athletic discipline felt like good readiness for Tobacco Trail Church worship this weekend. I feel cleansed and it feels good to achieve a goal in a somewhat dogged and even monastic way. Felt like 48 miles of prayer.

Tough parables will be preached this evening from Matthew 25. Help the Resurrection light to shine through.

Oh yeah, all the miles were run on the American Tobacco Trail. Maybe that counts for something in TTC preparation.
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