Friday, January 28, 2011

Prayer before RAAM

I stumbled across the prayer I read in California on June 12, 2010, just before we departed on bikes across the country. Here is how it goes:

Lord, we invite your Holy Spirit to descend upon us, to weave into our thoughts, our muscles, our hearts and our souls.
We are embarking on a journey and we beg you now to bless it and to bless us.
Bless this land that we will travel and give us eyes to see her for all her beauty.
Valley of the Gods
The Four Corners in Durango
The bounty of the Great Plains
The Ozarks
and Ohio
West Virginia
and the soft green mountains of the East
And finally roll us into your Chesapeake Bay.

We begin with left feet in your Pacific expanse of water and before we know it, our right feet will be in the salty waters of the Atlantic.
Let every thing we do between now and next weekend be for the lifting up of Durham and these great endeavors:

* A Helping Hand
* Achievement Academy
* Big Brothers Big Sisters
* Citizen Schools, Inc.
* Communities in Schools of Durham
* Crayons2Calculators
* Dress for Success
* Durham Eagles
* Durham Rescue Mission
* Durham YMCA
* Habitat for Humanity
* Housing for New Hope
* Kramden Institute
* Pregnancy Support Services
* Project Compassion
* Sales & Service Training Center
* Samaritan Health Center

And lest we not forget:
the real glory is yours and we hope to serve and follow you.
Amen, Amen, and Amen.
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