Saturday, October 8, 2011


In 48 my boy will be 8
how can that be
2003 and he was born
while I was on holiday
from Stanley's Christian Ethics

We studied war no more
marriage and fidelity
worship habits
practices of prayer

But mid-way through holiday,
by this evening, the 8th, a Wednesday,
Kristen was breathing heavy and sleepless
I rested and turns out I'd need it
We'd take it where we could get it

48 hours later he came to the world healthy
affirming much of what I was purposed for
and a few other chores
and calls

He was long like Usain @ 9 lbs 2 ounces
A special boy with a keen eye for the world
soaking it all in always taking in all the stimuli

At seven almost eight, the world is his oyster
He can do it all
Musician, runner, mathematician,
and why not
why not seek them all
Capture this season and ride it out until the next one
comes to you in a flurry
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