Thursday, October 20, 2011

proper fitting shoes

I continue to love running. This piece of paper was not only designed to be my race mantra, but it indicates a few goals during the Utah Valley Marathon (6/10/11). I had a few more notes to share on the race, even now, four months later.
39:10 for 10K 6:18pace. Good running, but then a bathroom break.
1:24:44 6:27 pace. Pace really slowed from mile 6 to mile 13. This was not a strong part of the race. I let things slip too much and it cost me 2:49.
Mile 15 – 6:15
16 – 634
17 – 616
18 – 609
19 – 630
20 – 620
21 – 635
22 – 627
23 – 646
24 – 717
25 – 700
26 – 644
I ran 1:24.43 for the first half. I ran 1:26.16 for the second half. I finished in 16th place overall, 3rd in my age group.
Where I slipped up...for the 6.9 miles from the 10K to Half Marathon it took me 45:34. That's a 6:36 pace. That was too slow for those early/middle miles. Granted, I stopped to use the restroom during those miles and that cost me. I should have hydrated a little less, but that happens with a point to point course, waking up at 2am and starting the race at 6am.
Some of my pre-race comments:
"Reading notes from friends and starting to fuel. 3.5 hrs to race time. Great day for a 26.2 mile fun run at
Never knew how many folks resonate with Eric Liddell and Chariots of Fire. Don't forget the drive of Harold Abrams. And the coaching of Sam Massubini. The hymn Jerusalem, a blessing upon the land on which you reside. Here's to you Durham."
I ran 2:50 @ Utah Valley Marathon. 
Even now with a great deal left on the table from back in June, I love running.  I am pointing long term towards, 4/16/12 and the Boston Marathon.  I would like to take a shot at 2:40.  I believe I can run closer to a six minute pace for 26.2 miles.
This week I will hopefully complete 80 miles of training with two workouts, one on the track and one hill work out.  I'm sore and achy, but everything is manageable.  There are those who doubt my training methods, but I had good success with high mileage in the Spring and I can feel my body growing stronger just as it did before.  I rested well in June and July before this slow build.  A lot of work has to be endured for small bits of improvement.  I am still achieving my fastest times, but the preparation takes careful calculation and some risk.
I am thankful for proper fitting shoes.  I feel like the one being spoken about in Ephesians and I do feel peaceful and ready--I have the right equipment.  Running helps show me the way in the rest of my life.  My job as a pastor is to help equip others for ministry.  This happens in many different ways--unique to each individual's gifts.  We often make blunders before finding the right relationships and plots to serve.  I am practicing greater and greater patience.  Wait for God to show the clear way.  It happens that way with running as well.  Long seasons of preparation before small improvements.  They are not the prettiest feet, but they work.

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