Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"The next time you face something that's unexpected, unwanted, and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift."
Stacey Kramer


I wonder if what Stacey is getting at is why I am always being asked to wait as of late.  She somehow has an amazing way of describing giftedness through a brain tumor.  But I'm quite certain it would take waiting and reflecting to see a golf ball size bump on your brain as a gift.  But I get it.  Don't react.  Reflect.  See what God is doing.

Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura says, "If I'm not back in five minutes, just wait longer."  One of my favorite lines, funny and prophetic when it comes to how long things take.  They take, well, as long as they take.

Last night and this morning I was inspired by one of my greatest teachers, John Perkins.  I left both a dinner and a breakfast inspired to act, to make phone calls, to feed the poor, to go for a run, to work harder, to love better.  All good stuff, right?  Yet, I pulled back.  I'm not called to rush into anything.  I am already Naming and Claiming more things than I can name and claim well.  I'm already overextended.  I'm already not following up on all the relationships and the commitments and the dreams and "to do's" on the level that I would like to follow up on.  And none of this is a guilty rant.  I'm happier and more content these days than ever, yet that only calls me to what, more waiting.

Maybe JP's charge to me was to keep on keeping on, don't get busier, but simply stay the course.  The watchmen in Psalm 130 look out for the lights for the lights on the boats or the morning or God to speak a word to them, or something.  They don't even know, but they wait.  This is Scripture, good Scripture.  What does God have in store next?  I don't know.  Just keep on keepin' on.  The journey is better than the outcome, or that's been my experience.
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