Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ides of May on the Crystal Coast

Here's my cycling data from the Garmin over the first 15 days of May. I am on schedule for my goal of 1000 miles for the month.

May1-6, 2010 (4:23pm) "Progress Summary Report for monklinney"

Count:,7 Activities
Distance:,197.19 mi
Time:,12:22:58 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:,"6,723 ft"
Avg Speed:,15.9 mph
Avg HR:,120 bpm
Calories:,"6,377 C"
Avg Distance:,28.17 mi
Max Distance:,59.48 mi

May 1-15, 2010 (8:32pm) "Progress Summary Report for monklinney"

Count:,15 Activities
Distance:,632.18 mi
Time:,36:19:34 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:,"14,338 ft"
Avg Speed:,17.4 mph
Avg HR:,116 bpm
Calories:,"17,339 C"
Avg Distance:,42.15 mi
Max Distance:,108.47 mi

There were two major highlights from the last five days of training at Emerald Isle.
1) I rode 108 miles on Thursday. The longest ride of my short cycling career by nearly 40 miles.

2) This morning I woke up with the crud. Couldn't be avoided. Every other person in my family has had the plague for a couple of weeks and I fought it as long as I could. Still, rode two 15 minute time trials with donuts and coffee at the interim.

36:44 on the way out, 24.0 miles per hour, down wind, you think!

46:46 on the way back, 18.8 miles per hour, into the nastiest headwind of the week.

I was very proud of this final effort mainly because of all the miles I had on my legs. I think it shows I am recovering well between rides and this is one of the most important factors come RAAM on June 12.

Hopefully, I can drag myself out of bed and ride with the DurhamCares team in the morning before preaching at Lystra Baptist Church.

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Details of the rides below.

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