Friday, May 28, 2010

Taqueria La Vaquita

I have been meaning to give a shout to the Mexican food at Taqueria La Vaquita. It may not look like much across the street from fancy old Four Square restaurant in Durham, but you won't be sorry if you like Mexican food. Try it.

Here is what they say:
In the “Taqueria la Vaquita”, we offer the best of the Mexican food, authentic tacos made with homemade corn tortillas, a bit of meat, garnished with slivers of radish, avocado and a lime wedge. We also have homemade “sopes”, “gorditas de chicharron”, barbecue, chicken, “carnitas”, “chicharron with nopales”, “azados”, hot dogs, “quezadillas” and shrimp cocktail. All tortillas are warm and handmade. To drink we have juices made with natural fruits, not from concentrate, horchata, an agua fresca made with rice and almonds, and coffe.
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